This page shows the values displayed in any component here are always(*) consistent - e.g. the sum they show is always correct, even though there are update delays.

This proves there are no delays (except the networking one) in propagation of the invalidation messages - in other words, it's always known whether any cached value is consistent or not (and thus it has to be updated). This is why once the update delay ends, the following update always produces a consistent "view" - i.e. even though it mostly reuses the cached values or replicas, it still updates the inconsistent ones.

This also indicates that all the update delays you see here are local to LiveComponent.State, so they don't interfere with any other component or logic.

Note that update delay you set here only impacts the updates you get due to actions performed in other windows. Your own updates are shown without any delay - that's what use of UICommander does in Accumulate and Reset action handlers.

Update delay
Component state: In sync.

Value: 4

Increment by
Sum 1
Component state: In sync.
Sum 2
Component state:
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